Headed back to Austria!

Greater Europe Mission has granted us permission to return to Austria! We are so excited about returning and getting back to our life in Austria. We are still short about $800/month in giving but due to some special gifts and such a strong support record with our faithful supporters we have been given the green light. This means we get to keep our August 22nd departure date. A few weeks ago we did not know if this was possible.
We did not know when Elena would be born and be old enough to travel. Not only that but she would need to have a lot of paperwork in before she could travel to Austria.
At Elena’s two week check up the doctor said she was strong enough to go and he didn’t think there was any problems with traveling at her age. We have been able to get all the documents for her travel too! (see the partial “to do” list for Elena’s paperwork) Just today her passport came so all we have to do now is say good bye to family and friends and be at the airport on August 22nd.


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