Ministering in Austria since

Eric and Christy

want to see believers, discipled and equipped for the work of the ministry, so that Austria will be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Training and Equipping for Over 17 Years

Eric and Christy seek to be lights of the Gospel wherever they live.  And they do just that as they raise two children in Vienna where Christians desperately need encouragement and training and those far from God to see and hear the gospel lived out with actions and words. Their desire is to see God work through them so that 2 Timothy 2:2 is lived out.

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Trainer, educator and life-long learner.




Discipleship is more of a process and less of a program. It is a process that is God-focused, Christ-centered and Spirit-enabled. It is always relational and often happens naturally within a local church context.  Whether it is meeting with individual people or in a small group setting, going through material or a book of the Bible or meeting to talk and pray, Eric and Christy point others to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

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God is using Eric and Christy’s giftings, experiences and education to work in a wide variety of educational venues inside and outside the church to train and equip others for ministry. 

  • Bible School
  • Sunday School
  • Church-based Training
  • English/German Day Camp
  • Testing in Elementary School

Leader Development

Leader development focuses on the leader as a person instead of starting with leadership practices or theory. Of course leadership processes, practices and theory are important but are always applied in and through a person.  

Eric’s tool box includes 17+ years as a missionary living inter-culturally and 14 years of experience in theological education. He is currently working on a PhD in Educational Leadership and is certified in the Birkman Method and the LDC Model.