Lantern Festival

I am trying to get caught up a bit on this site.

A few weeks ago Kati’s kindergarten celebrated Lantern Fest.  (Visit the picasa link below to see more)

The children made small lanterns (flashlights) and we walked around the neighborhood singing some songs.  After the walk a “fire balloon” was set off, pictures are below.  the small piece of wood was burned and created enough warm air for the balloon to rise.  We all watched it go up and up and up and up untill we coudn’t see it.  Then we went inside to watch a reinactment of St. Martin sharing with a begger.  St. Martin tore his coat and shared his bread with him.

I think I was the only one there who kept on wondering what ever happened to that fire balloon.  It was around the time of the fires in California and that was all I could think about.

Picasa-Webalben – Elisabeth – Laternenfest 2008_11_12


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