GEM Austria Annual Strategic Planning Retreat

Today is going to be a full day.  I, Eric, will teach children’s church this morning.  We will be finishing a flim clip and talking about forgiveness.

After church, we go home and pack for our 2 day GEM Austria Annual Strategic Planning Retreat.  I am excited because I think it will be very good for the 15 adults (the six kids also come with their own program).

This years theme is “Being Disciples, Making Disciples”.  I will help facilitate two of the sessions.  This year we have 3 new people and the whole team will be together.  This hasn’t happened since last year.  We have all had to spend our 6 months in the states for our Home Ministry Assignement. 

There seems to be some momentem in the team and we are eager to see how God will lead us during this next year(s).  We will be doing some praying and planning about this next year. Trying to be strateic in what we are involved in.

This will be the first trip we have made with Elena since we have been back.  We hope we don’t forget anything, diapers, clothes, burp clothes.  There is so much to remember especially since we don’t do this often.  Kati is very excited because she gets to see some friends there.  She has been asking everyday for the past week, “Is today the day”?


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