International Conference in Sopron Hungary

2 weeks ago I was able to attend the International Council Evangelical Theological Educators (ICETE)world Consultation in Sopron Hungary.  Living in Vienna has its advantages in many ways.  One of the them being located so close to Sopron, it was only an hours drive and we were there.

Going to a conference like this was something new for me and I learned a lot from it, some of it was just good to know what other educators and institutions are going through nothing tangable but there were things that I found out that I am directly putting into practice and using from my time there.

It was encouraging to hear about some of the other 1,000+ schools were doing and how God was moving in central America, Africa, and Asia.  It also reminded me just how “far behind” Austria is in comparison.  Many of the African and Asian schools had years of experience, hundereds of current students and were not just equipping church workers/planters but also initiating programs to help the community. 

It is exciting to hear how God is working in other parts of the world and it is just as exciting for me to be invovled in the cutting edge of this type of work here in Austria.

I want to thank everyone who is supporting us and for us in our work here in Austria.  We can’t do it alone.

(BTW I am in the back row just 6 person from the left.)


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