BAO introduces a new book

BAO has just translated into German and is getting ready to distribute “The Leadership Baton: An Intentional Strategy for Developing Leaders in Your Church”.
This book provides a great foundation for church based training and some practical steps in how to implement this in your church. There are a few events planned this year to highlight this book and encourage intentional discipleship in the church. One of the authors, Bruce Miller, will be here in November and BAO is also planning to host a few training days in different parts of Austria.
Developing church leaders is crucial, especially here in Austria where there is less than .03% Evangelical Christians. The churches are relatively young, about 30 years, and very small. Church leaders are mostly lay people or at most part-time. Not that there is anything wrong with this only it poses special challenges when they want to do more.
This is where church based training and BAO come in. BAO already has courses designed, over 30, to train people in the church for the work of the ministry.

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