Website/Blog Reboot

As you can see there have been some changes to our website. I am excited about this new look and am looking forward to posting more this coming year. Many things have settled down for us and I am able to put some brain energy into this. I also have a few articles more than half way finished so I think I am off to a good start.

Design: The Word Press theme I am using works well with mobile devices. The one thing that may not work with iphone/itouch devices is the flash slide shows I have typically enjoyed adding.  I would be curious to hear from those who visit the site what your experience has been. Would you like more “still” pictures or do the flash slide shows work well. If you have any other suggestions I am open to hearing your suggestions.

There will probably be some small tweeking to the catagories and side widgets in the coming months. But I think the theme is pretty good for what I want to do.

Content: I have decided to combine our family/ministry ( with my thoughts on missions, (theological) education, the church and leadership.  I am thinking this will help me post more regularly rather than sporadically.  Some of you may have heard I am slowly working my way through an EdD program in Educational Leadership at the German campus of Columbia International University.  So I am reading more books and am putting to writing what I think in many more areas.

One of the requirements for this program is to provide a portfolio from what I have been learning so “they” can the quality and progression of my work. Instead of writing papers that only a committee will see (which I don’t think is usefull to hardly anyone), I envision write short blogs that are sound and practical for those working in the church, interested in missions and see [theological] training as educational discipleship.  I havea few already in the works and am aiming to post once a month.

The first of these is on my personal values of leadership.  This is a repost from a personal/professinoal blog I tried starting before so it may be familiar to some of you already.

Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing with you and hearing from some of you. Hopefully this can be mutually edifying.


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