Painted by Alex Lewarth

We woke up to snow this Easter morning.  It has been grey, cold and wet this weekend so this was no surprise. I had hoped for the sun to be shining and a warm breeze but neither were to be found at any part of the day. At least not outside. As I stepped inside our church there was an excitement that was in the air. It was energetic and felt like static electricity.  Almost everyone there knew that today was a special day. It was a great feeling, we were all coming together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in song, fellowship and through the hearing of God’s word.

I began to think, why does today feel different than any other Sunday?  Why don’t I get excited each Sunday that Jesus has risen from the grave and has graciously provided the Holy Spirit to dwell in us so that we may have new life and the ability to live in Him like I did today?  Isn’t that part of the reason why we assemble together?  Isn’t that part of the reason we partake in the Lord’s Supper/Communion/ Eucharist?  Aren’t we called to remember Christ’s death and resurrection on the Lord’s day and through the elements?  Doesn’t meeting together to hear from the word and orient ourselves to God’s ways help us remember?

I found it to be a good reminder  that this awe isn’t saved just for Christmas or Easter but should be relived and remembered often. Our assembling on Sunday or whenever you assemble, should help each other fix our eyes on Jesus and encourage one another. Sundays should help us remember during the week that our faith isn’t one confined to a few hours whenever we meet with others but is a daily faith, an hourly faith a minute by minute faith.




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