Food, Friends and Fellowship in St. Cloud MN

Yesterday we had an open house for our friends in the St. Cloud, MN area.

Being a missionary it is always difficult to get together with all the people we know and find time to catch up, especially as our family grows.  Open houses are one good way that provide an opportunity to do just that. Christy’s parents, Bev and Dick Mowe, graciously opened up their house and garage for this event.  We had plenty of sloppy joes and punch bowl cake for everyone with enough left over to last us a few weeks!

The weather conditions were perfect in the mid 70’s.  It was a relaxing time just sitting down in lawn chairs eating the snacks and catching up with one another.  It is always nice being able to talk in an unhurried, informal way.

Kati was sad  being the only child there but kept herself occupied by chalk drawing on the cement floor and giving “tours” of the robin’s nest and where four baby robins had just hatched.

We had a really fun time with everyone who came.

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