Christy on bed rest

Christy has been put on bed rest by her Dr. here in St. Cloud, MN for the past 8 days. This was quite unexpected because we had planned to move from St. Cloud up to Thief River Falls in order to have the baby. We thought moving up to Thief River a month before the due date (Aug. 1st) would give us enough time but we were wrong.

This news has caused a ripple effect in all of our plans. Plans we had so well thought out. Here is a few of the effects it has had:

  • Deciding to have the baby here in St. Cloud and not in Thief River Falls
  • Changing all our hospital and doctor information with our insurance company.
  • Informing both hospitals in each city of our changes
  • Eric drove the 4 ½-5 hours Saturday night so he could preach and present our ministry to the folks at the Newfolden Evangelical Free Church. Have lunch with family and Aunt Avis and drive right back to St. Cloud. It was quite a 26 hours!
  • Finding a place for Kati to be while Eric was away because Christy was not able to take care of Kati while she was on bed rest.


It is times like these that we realize that life can not be planned out neatly all the time and we need to be flexible and have a sense of humor.

We are very thankful that Christy’s parents are also flexible and have a sense of humor.

The doctor said that after today she can be up and around in moderation and when the baby comes it comes. After today the baby will be 37 weeks old. I think the baby will come within the next week. Kati was 3 weeks early too. Christy has fears that she will go full term and then some and have to be induced.

We will keep you posted as things progress.

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