Baby to be born in St. Cloud hospital

Saturday, Christy, Kati and myself went on the maternity ward tour of the St. Cloud hospital where we will be having the baby.  After making the necessary changes with our doctors, insurance and hospital from Thief River Falls to St. Cloud MN we are feeling good.  We were really impressed with the facilities.

The last few weeks Christy has been having a lot of contractions and the doctor even put her on bed rest until recently.  Yesterday, she had another appointment and was told she hasn’t progressed any further than last week, the bed rest worked! 

The due date is August 1st but the doctors think the baby will come earlier than that.  Kati was born 3 weeks early and we have always thought it might be the same with this one. 

One thing we are thinking about is if the baby isn’t born by this Friday (July 11th) we will have proably have to push back our plane tickets back.  August 22nd is our scheduled return to Austria but we need to have all the paperwork before we can return.  The baby needs her birth certificate, social security number and then we have to apply for her passport! 

Everyone agrees it would be best if the baby stayed in at least until this coming Friday because then everything will have been developed.

Oh well we just have to wait and see.  We will keep you updated.


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