S’mores Round 2

On the Fourth of July, we roasted marshmallows over the grill in the back yard. We were all excited and had everything set; the big marshmallows, a packet of Hershey’s bars and box and a half of graham crackers.

The fire was all set, the marshmallows toasted golden brown the Hershey bar broken and placed perfectly on the graham cracker. Our mouths were salivating just thinking about the taste and then it happened. The graham crackers were rancid. I will not try to describe the taste but to say that the only proper reaction was to immediately spit the food out of your mouth.

We were so disappointed, even the brand new box was bad. We had everything but the graham crackers. That didn’t dissuade Bev, Dick and Christy though. We rummaged in the cupboard and found some club crackers. They made the best of the situation. I politely declined the taste adventure with the club crackers.

This past Saturday, July 12th, we went for round two of the s’mores adventure. We bought a brand new box of graham crackers with a expatriation date on it and I tested the first one just to make sure it was good to eat. It was and we had such fun eating possible more fun than the first time because we knew what we were missing and really enjoyed the experience.

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