October 23rd is the Day of Prayer for Europe


Greater Europe Mission is gearing up for a day of prayer that focuses on Europe.

On October 23rd anyone can visit this website and will be able to select any European country and see pictures with specific prayer requests. If you go there now you can sign up to be reminded on the 23rd via an email to visit the page.

For Austria we have put together 6 different areas that we others to also be praying for.

I have gotten to see a mock up of this and it is not only really neat and cool looking it will help get an idea of what to better pray for.

I encourage you to stop by check it out and pray. And since we know God hears our prayers and is able to do anything according to His pleasing will I am eager to see what we can report back in the next weeks, months and years what we witness God doing here to give Him the glory that is rightfully his.


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