Website Modifications

Christy and I were talking this week about our website/blog and she gave me some feedback on it which I took into consideration and as a result have made some modifications.

I took some of the bells and whistles off so hopefully it doesn’t look so cluttered or confusing.  I am now going to post the full blog post at the very first so the picture and full entry can be read without having to click anywhere. One stop shopping if you will. : )

On the right hand side there is a box that may be handy the longer I do this.  I will be grouping the posts in catagories.  Right now there are mainly family posts but I will be posting more ministry updates.   These will be catagorized and easily accessed in this box on the right hand side under the “Catagories” tab.  There are other tabs as wel

My goal for this is to make updates easy to make, for me, and read and receive, for you.  Hopefully this will open up the information gate way so those of you who want to stay in touch or informed about our life and ministry in Austria.

Thanks for stopping by- Eric

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