Right on schedule for being sick in February.

Every year around this time the McCauley family decides to take advantage of all the germs running rampent and gets sick.  This year I, Eric, am feeling a little lonely because right now I am the only one sick. 

Last year we avoided  this and this year it seems as if I am the one representing the McCauely family.  I have self diagnosed myself with having the common cold and a touch of the flu.  Not sick enough to go to the Doctor and not well enough to really think clearly.  This weekend I got dressed up for the BAO 25th Annivesary celebration and was so foggy I actually forgot how to tie my tie.    It was more than alittle embarassing.  I even resorted to google “how to tie a tie”.  There is actually quite a lot out there. Anyway, I was so foggy that I couldn’t even follow the video demonstrations well enough and had to have my friend Joel tie it for me.

This past week I have been diligently getting my fluids trying to bolster my immune system.  Austria has many wonderful teas for just about everything. A tea cup has been glued to my hand the past week and I am getting sick of drinking it.  Today Christy says I look better than I have all week and I am feeling well enough to do a few thinking tasks which I am very happy to do.

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