Walk thru 1 Moses (Genesis)

Gemeinde Kagran

Last Sunday I, Eric, was able to give a short update at church on what is going on in children’s church.  I made a short video that showed the children doing a modified “Walk thru the Bible” but just with the book of Genesis.  (In the German Bible they call the first 5 books of the Bible (the Pentetuch) 1st Moses-5th  Moses.) It was well received.  I had a handful of people comment how good it is to see what is going on with the children.

I have been helping with the children’s ministry since December.  The person in charge is going through some cancer treatment and has had to cut back on many things she is doing.

I posted an old picture of some of the children above.  I didn’t feel right in posting a video without everyone’s concent so I pulled a picture off the churches website. During my short few months working with the children I have seen some noticable changes in attitude which is always encouraging.  Most are Christians and are struggling how to live out their faith at home and especially in school.  As you can imagine with Austria being under 1% evangelical Christian they do not have much of a support system outside the church realm.

If you remember, pray that these kids will grow strong in the Lord and live their lives in a way that pleases the Lord.


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