Greater Europe Mission (GEM) celebrating 60 years

This week the whole family is attending GEM’s annual conference in the Czech Republic which is only a 6 hour drive (with children) from our home in Vienna.  Last year we were still in the states and could not attend in the conference and are glad to be here this year.  Each year the annual conference provides us opportunity to reconnect with people in other parts of Europe and see how they are doing and hear how God is moving in their countries.

This year GEM is celebrating 60 years as a mission.  Christy and I were able to be at GEM’s 50th annivesary when we were just beginning to see if overseas missions was where God wanted us.  To think that that way 10 years ago and we have been in Austria for the past 7 is pretty neat.  So far the conference has been quite good.  We have gotten to know our new president of three years better as he has/is making some organizational changes with the hope of encouraging those of us on the field to make more decisions and he is also challenging each of us to grow in our personal walks with Christ.

I am excited about the things that I am hearing and gaining some new ideas from interacting with others about life and ministry in Europe.  I find it refreshing to take a step back sometimes and take a breath to gain some perspective about life and ministry and this conference is providing that for me.


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