Moving is a lot of work!

Late last month Christy and I decided to move to a better location for life and ministry.  We really love our current location but a few factors helped us move toward this decision.

First of all our landlord has been  negligent for the past 3 years on some major repairs.  In the winter our windows let in so much air we can blow a candle out!  And more disconcerting is whenever it rains heavily our basement leaks.  We do feel fortunate because our other 3 neighbors say their basements flood every time and that they get water in their first floor rooms as well, ours has not gotten to that point (yet).  We thought it is better to move when we don’t have to and in a few years it would get to that.

Second, Kati starts first grade and will be going to a bilingual school.  Right now the commute one-way would be about 40 min. I know some people do that and don’t think about anything but we would have to walk about 10 min to a bus stop and transfer to a street car.  At our new apartment the commute one-way is around 20 min. and the street car is about a five min walk.

A few added bonuses is that a major bus stop is at our front door and there is a good route to the BAO/EVAK office downtown.  I am also getting more invovled with Greater Europe Mission Austria and will be eaiser to reach via public transportation.

Anyway, it is a really good thing.  We have been slowly moving since returning from our GEM conference and will rent a truck next week to move the larger pieces of furnature.  Now I remember why the last time we moved I said “Never again”.  Moving is a lot of work.  I am just glad that we are really looking forward to our new place and it almost makes moving worth it.  Almost.

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