Ramifications of Moving

Here’s an update on the last entry.

Last time we got out of a rental agreement here it was horrible.  We hadn’t been in Austria a year and had signed a contract that bound us to paying rent for 5 years, no exceptions like a 3 months notice.  It was through compassionate Austrian friends and some help from a friend of a friend who was a judge we were able to walk away with our full down payment.  It was through this that all our Austrian friends asked if we had lawyers insurance.  We didn’t and they all said we should get it.  So we did and hoped we would never have to use it……so we are now.

Christy called our insurance agent and they quickly referred us to someone saying our case necessitated it.  Tuesday evening Christy and I met a lawyer who read through our contract and what our landlord says we owe him.  In my last blog I ended asking the question, “Is it just us or does this sound unfair?”  Well some of what he is asking is legal and can ask for it but he just needs to provide records and receipts for the last three years.  However his calculations on the inflation index were miscalculated and there are two opposing clauses in the contract that mean we might not have to pay anything. But this is for the lawyers to decide.

Heres where things stand currently.  Our lawyer has drafted up a letter requesting our former landlord to respond within 14 days and provide recepits for the all the utilities he says is over the amount we agreed on in the contract and also to respond to the inflation clause.  We will see.  I hope this gets settled quickly and out of court.  Thats the last thing we need to have on our plates.

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