Making Progress on the Christian Education Training Program

I am feeling pretty good about my work today. I have been trying to carve out some time to work on the Christian Education training that has been sitting on my desk within arms reach but have not been able reach over open it up and type away. 

Today however after cleaning out my inbox, responding and writing a few emails I completed a rough draft of one of the lessons on using teaching methods.  While it is just a draft it means that others can read through it and provide valuable feedback and input to make it better.  I have a small group of children’s workers with years of experience which their insights almost always make imporvements on what I have first written.

Next Tuesday there is a curriculum committee meeting and we will be talking about a previous lesson on “needs of students” that was handed in.  Even though the process is good and makes the product better I always feel like I have just gotten into a boxing ring with 3 other guys and I am not allowed to defend or hit back and have gotten the living day lights punched out.  This writing thing can be brutal!

Also an update on those who are curious about our previous land lord situation.  We have heard nothing yet.  Our attorney write a nice letter listing the inaccuracies and asking that he respond within 14 days.  He has until this coming Friday the 20th.  We are praying he will respond appropriately.  If he neglects to respond then our attorney will ask him to appear in court to address the issue.  I just wish this whole ridiculus thing would be over.

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