Encouraged and Energized

Last week I spent 3 days with other Greater Europe Mission field and ministry leaders.  It was a time to meet as leaders with the GEM president and talk about issues and direction of our ministries.

Being rather new in the position of co-field leader it was a first for me to be at one of these meetings.  Honestly I was not looking forward to leaving the family for a few days and interrupt my rhythm of life and ministry but I am very glad I went.

It was good to hear that other people are running into similar issues in ministry as I am and I think we got a clearer picture of where the mission is going.  Henry has been the president for two years and there have been a lot of changes with the way things are done. As most people would testify change in any organization is not easy.

I walked away with the meeting with many questions answered and with a feeling of freedom to do ministry the way the GEM Austria team needs to.

We were encouraged that each field or country knows the unique cultural/spiritual needs better than anyone at the home office and that how ministry gets done is largely up to the team in that location.

Each country and ministry are to focus on three areas, goals or objectives if you will, and how these are fleshed out are country specific.

The three areas are:

  • To be concerned with each others personal and spiritual health and growth
  • To cultivate a culture of prayer
  • To be reproducing disciples and rapidly reproducing churches

Personal holiness, a habit of prayer and reproducing disciples and churches are things that we here in Austria are currently doing.  I feel validated and encouraged as we think about the new year and what the Lord has for us to do.

Thanks for everyone who is partnering with us in the things we are doing.

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