Ready for the EEAA Visit

Well I think we are pretty much ready for our accreditation visit in January. I told my team that I didn’t want to have anything hanging over us over Christmas time so we could enjoy our families.  I think we have pretty much done it.
Now all we have to do make sure our facilities are clean and orderly which isn’t too much work since we do a good job of that already.
This is a great relief and I am so glad to work with the team I have.  They are really good people to work with and all very competent.
I am very curious to see the strengths and weaknesses the Academy has after the visit.  It is nice to have an outside source come in to look at things from an objective perspective. They will be able to help us see things we don’t and provide suggestions that will actually help us do a better job of equipping men and women for ministry here in Austria.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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