Visa Fiasco

I am glad things are going so well with the accreditation visit in January because it looks like I am having visa problems (no not the credit card).

Christy and I need to go in on Dec. 29th to talk it over but right now it looks as if we have lost our visa status and need to reapply on January 4th 2010.

Apparently some law changed in 2007 and the worker who processed our application said I had the wrong form (which I guess I did) and processed it with the correct form but checked the wrong choice for which type of visa we were to receive.  Ignorantly we have been under this title since then.

This year I find the correct form and asked for a renewal but with the correct status.  This is where it goes south.  They have informed me that it is not a renewal but a reapplication.  I will go in on the 29th with Christy and see if we can find a good solution to this.  Our visa expires on January 5th 2010 and we don’t want to be without a visa.  That would just cause a lot of problems.

If we have to reapply we will be waiting outside the Government office before 6am so we are one of the first to apply for the new year.  There are only 60 spots open each year under the type of visa that we need! I had better start ordering all the paperwork from the states just in case it comes to that.  Apostilleized Birth certificate, Police Record to show we have not committed any crimes, bank records, medical insurance……and the list goes on.  It is thinks like this, and our former land lord, that make living overseas stressful.

If you remember to pray that this would be resolved so we can have a visa we would appreciate it!

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