Church Building Officially Open

Yesterday, our church had it’s official opening Sunday.  Here are a few pictures of it.

We are excited to see how this new location and venue for ministry will open possibilities for ministry to those outside the church.

This building is not a church building per se.  It is a multifunctional building that has a kindergarten under its roof and an open hall for meetings, concerts, dinners etc..  One could liken it to a community center that is privately owned.

Last Friday night the owner, a believer, had an open house for the neighbors and businesses in the area to show what they can provide in services.

There has been an Advent concert already in this building and this summer there are plans to have an English outreach there.  We are excited about possibilities that are opening up with this.  I ask that you keep us in your prayers that the people of the church would also develop a vision for reaching out as the leadership envisions.

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