Sitcom or Reality

Last Friday I felt like we were part of prime time sitcom.  So many things happened it was almost too funny to be true.

For starters early in the morning Elena woke up crying for no apparent reason and had to be held a bit before she went back to sleep (Being a deep sleeper Christy told me this in the morning).

We woke up to a house that didn’t have heat.  Our boiler stopped working in the night which was why Elena cried she was too cold.

We called the maintenance man and he told us the water pressure was o and we needed to just fill it, well since we grew up in America and haven’t been exposed to their type of boilers we didn’t know how to do this and their is no instruction booklet to be found so he said he would stop by before noon.

I, Eric, had planned to get rid of our old refrigerator which decided to stop keeping things cool about 3 months after we lugged it up three flights of stair.  My long-time friend came over to take it to the recycling depot.

Not 20 minuets after my return from the recycling depot I was in the living room getting ready to do some office work when I heard Christy calling from the kitchen, “Eric”    “Eric”    “ERIC”.

I walked to the kitchen and Christy looked at me with wide eyes and pointed to our kitchen wall cabinets and said, “it’s moving toward me”.  And sure enough it was.  Thursday night Christy said she noticed a few pieces of small plaster and dust falling when she was using the kitchen machine.  But today she saw the whole cabinet lurch toward her.

I got on the counter to and to my horror saw that the anchors which held the (two) bolts for each cabinet were almost completely out of the wall.  We quickly took all our dishes, glasses and mugs out and went to work taking the cabinets completely down.

Fortunately, all that was needed was to put larger anchors and larger screws in the same position as the old ones.  Now they are back up and actually look good.  We realize that they were never really in even when we moved in!

Oh, yeah and Kati was really sick too, did I mention that.  Christy just got back taking her to the doctor and found out that she has a really bad case of bronchiticus.

Now that I type it all out it doesn’t seem that crazy but on Friday it felt like one thing after the other was happening to us.

Oh yeah the maintenance man did come, a little after noon oh about 4 ish if I remember correctly.  I am sure glad I didn’t try to find a place to fill it with water because he hooked up a hose from our bathroom and filled the water directly to one of our heaters (not through the boiler).  We have heat now and Elena is sleeping comfortably.

Just thought I’d share a slice of our life with you today.

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