Day at the Kids Museum

One of the many neat things about living in Vienna is all the museums it has.  Even cooler is that starting this year kids get to go free to a few of the more well known museums.

Last Saturday we decided to take advantage of this cool deal and go to the Zoom kids museum.  We signed up to learn about everything that flys.  To our great surprise kids and adults were free.  We enjoyed our time.

The displays were really well done and everything was kid friendly.  There were coustumes to try on not just the ones in the picture album but costumes to do with airplanes, pilots uniforms, air controllers (the guys who direct the airplane once on the ground), etc…

There was a flight simulator, a paper airplane section where we could make different paper airplanes and see how far they could go, a hot air balloon, a place to draw/trace different insects or flying machines and many more cool things to see, touch and try.

We all agreed it was a fun time.  Kati’s favorite (and mine) was the paper airplanes.

By the way, please keep the information about our family being “Super” just between us.  If our identities got out our lives would never be the same.

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