Field Leaders Meeting

Well Christy and I got back from a Greater Europe Mission Field Leaders meeting. It was my first time as I have been.  Now that I am working as co-field leader I get to go to these semi-annual meetings for a few days. 

I didn’t know if  it was going to be a good time and worth the few days out of my schedule or not but I found it to be very good.  I was able to see and talk with others who are in the same position and dealing with similar issues.

We all had read Bill Hybels “Too Busy Not to Pray” before coming and after our worship times had a short discusson about our prayer lives.  It is nice to know that other leaders are also concerned about cultivating their spiritual lives.

We had all taken the Birkman assesment.  It is a helpful tool to understand each other and we will be using this instrument in our local teams as well.

The last focus of our time together was having our Annual Development Reviews and talking about the coming years strategic plan. 

I won’t bother you with any more details but wanted to let you in on something I am invovled in and is new.

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