Trusting God even when you don’t understand.

One of the exciting things about being in Austria is when we have new people come.  It is always a waiting game because some people come within a year and others longer.  It just depends upon God’s timing and how quickly the people can raise their prayer and financial support.

Well we had a single lady and a young couple who have been accepted to the mission and we were thinking they all would come this year, 2010. 

Not only is it a waiting game but not everyone who starts the process actually arrives.

The single lady, Krishana, has been raising support for about three years.  She has applied for her visa two times and been declined and she flew over this January to start the process again.  We got word last week that she does have a place reserved and she just needs to hand in a few more documents.  What a long process she has  had with her visa.

Well after she applied for her visa this January she went back to the states to receive one last bit of training and then pack to come back to Austria.  It was exciting.  A little over a week into her training she went to the doctors to get something checked out.  The visit revealed that she had a tumor and needed to get it checked out more thoroughly. She decided to have the procedure done at home where her parents were, that was two weeks ago.

It turns out she has type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called Follicular Lymphoma.  She is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment. 

I, and the whole team here in Austria, get her updates from her website and she is a writer and is journaling about her process. It remains to be seen how the treatment will go but the doctor is thinking that it might go into remission and even coming to Austria isn’t still out of the question.

All I know is this all happened so fast and Krishana is reacting with tremendious trust in God even when she doesn’t understand why.  If you think of it today, please pray for Krishana, that her treatment would work, the cancer would go quickly into remission and that her body will cope with the chemicals in as much of a positive way as possible.  And that she will be encouraged through this by her friends, family and her faith in God would be strengthened.

you can follow her story and progress at

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