Easter Vacation

Last week Kati had a week off of school and we took advantage of the time as a family.  We were able to enjoy some sights outside of Vienna which we hardly get time to do.  I think it is always good to continue to learn as much as we can about Austria in order to help us live and minister more effectively.

I have posted some random pictures of the kids and some cool places we visited.  One day we met up with some good friends, the Perrys, and Dawn made a comment that struck me.  She said something like, “Isn’t it amazing that this town and the buildings we see are older than the United States.”  It really puts things into perspective as to how long of a tradition people have been building upon.

One day we went to Enns, the oldest recognized city in Austria April 22nd 1212! I found the old part of the city rather facinating because in most towns we visit the center of town is a church and in this case it was not but the city tower.  There was a church on the other side of town but the main part seemed to be the tower and city hall.

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