Joint Church Service for Vienna Churches

Yesterday over four hundred people gathered together in a rented movie theater to worship God together.  Once a year one of the largest Evangelical denominations holds a joint church service where we can get together and worship with one another.

As we were singing a song in German I looked over the people gathered and was thanking and praising God for all he has done in the past 40 years.  You see everyone in attendance is a direct result of a small Bible study that was started by a Canadian couple.  This Bible study birthed a church and within 11 years four churches were started.  As of a study done in 1999 there were 4 generations of churches that started from this church!

It is neat to be a part of what God is doing here in Austria.  The church based training and the Bible school are heavily involved in training and equipping active workers in these churches and helping train many church leaders.

The moderator for the church service was an EVAK (The Bible School) student and another student is leading the city wide youth group (ages 15-25) highlighted what God is doing among the youth in Vienna.  Those who pray and give financially toward us and our ministry are also helping in tangible ways for us to be here right now doing the things we are doing.  Investing into the lives of these men and women who are actively serving Christ in their ministries and daily lives.

There are other churches in Vienna where God is also working but I am most familiar with these “Evangelical Free Churches” (no direct relation to the Evangelical Free Church of America).

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