Pre-Accrediting Visit from EEAA

Well after a year and a half the European Evangelical Accrediting Association (EEAA) has sent a team of three people from different theological schools to come and evaluate us at the Evangelical Academy (EVAK).

I have been the project manager for this and have put many hours into this as we are seeking to have three programs accredited.

Christy says I need to tell what this all means in a way that people’s eyes don’t glaze over when I try to explain what this actually is. Basically the accrediting association evaluates us to see if 1) we have clear goals and processes to achieve these goals and 2) if we are reaching these goals we have set.

In order to do this efficiently we have prepared about 300 pages of documentation on requested material and sent it to them last October and now three people are visiting for 2 1/2 days. In these days they are here they basically do interviews with everyone that is involved in the Academy. We have had meetings with faculty, office staff, the leadership team, board of trustees, church leaders in groups and then they have talked individually with some of us to see how things really work.

As I type the three that are visiting us are writing the report and will give us a presentation tomorrow morning at 10. I haven’t done a big project like this in years and it reminds me of a big school project only this means much more!

Just in their questions I have already identified some areas that I think we need to improve and in others I feel we have done a really. Now I guess I need to wait and see what they say tomorrow.

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