New Web Site launched

Well, I have been tinkering around with a new website layout and really like this one. It displays pictures (okay I know I need to work out the kinks with which picture displays), and groups posts into catagories. One thing I kept hearing when we were in the states is, “What exactly do you do? We hear so many different things it is difficult to understand.” One attempt in making this clear is grouping the posts into the main areas I am working in 1) The Bible Academy (EVAK) 2) Church Based Training (BAO) 3) Church (Kagran Children’s ministry) 4) Greater Europe Mission (GEM) as cofield leader I will also post things with our family as a catagory and then culture and missions in general.

Thanks for your interest in us and our life and ministry in Austria. The picture is our most recent family picture taken by my brother when we were visiting in Colorado.

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