EVAK Kick-off Weekend

EVAK Faculty, Students and Families Hiking

Two weeks ago the Evangelical Academy had a kick off weekend for all the students, faculty and family members. It was great to see everyone all together in one place since our classes are held at nights and some weekends and at any given time we only see a handfull of people.

We had times of singing, prayer and were challenged with a thought provoking devotional. The EVAK is a strategic tool in building up God’s church and spreading the gospel in Austria. In recent years long term missionaries are retiring and returning home and are not really being replaced. This provides a great opportunitiy for Austrians to take their rightful place in leading the church in Austria. Unfortunately, according to a collegues research there has been a decline in Austrian church leaders. One of our desires is to see many of our students be equipped and carry on the work.

A week ago, before the first night class all the students gathered to hear announcements for the coming school year. Our library has moved in to the basement providing more space for new books and freeing up the old library room to be our main classroom. We had 32 students and the room was full. I was standing outside the door it was so full. It was really encouraging to see what was going on. We had new people show up we didn’t even know about who signed up for classes.

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